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The Lunch Buffet

Soup and Salad

Two selections of our home made soups, plus our house greens and a variety of fresh buns and rolls. Perfect for a light lunch



Build your own Sandwich (min 20 people)

One great soup and 2 Salad choices plus assorted meats cheeses and veggies to create your favorite sandwich


Not So Ordinary Sandwiches

Either our assortment of open face sandwiches or closed sandwiches and wraps all served with A Soup and 2 Salads.



Alpine lunch

One soup and 2 Salads plus one or 2 hot lunch entree choices

One entrée $18.75

Two entrees $19.95


Lunch entrée choices

Penne with Italian Sausage Sauce

Chicken and broccoli

BBQ Beef On a Bun

Beef Stroganoff with Mixed Mushrooms

Beef & Red Wine Pie

Chicken & leek with Ham Pie

Cabbage Rolls

Chicken Stir fry


Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken

Taco Bar 

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